Flying a drone: How easy is it to fly one safely? – BBC News

Image caption I looked on in confusion as Sion Roberts – holding a huge propeller – talked about something called “props” Sion Roberts, our trainer and a former RAF pilot, kept talking about “props”. “The pitch of the props affects how much lift they generate,” he told us. “It’s vital that you

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LeBron James, Kobe Bryant support Ronda Rousey following UFC loss and social media low blows

Ronda Rousey during weigh-ins before her loss on Friday.Image: AP Photo/John Locher UFC legend Ronda Rousey disappeared immediately following her stunning 48-second loss to Amanda Nunes on Friday, but that didn’t stop fans on social media from crafting some of the meanest digs at the fallen

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What Carrie Fisher and George Michael taught me about men, women and sexuality

(CNN)Within the span of three days, two of the entertainment world’s leading icons departed from this Earth. But George Michael and Carrie Fisher were more than iconic artists or iconic celebrities. They were icons of sexuality archetypes of late 20th-century sexuality who then defied and

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