Top 10 Tips for Beating a Lie Detector

There are a variety of instances in which you may be subjected to a polygraph, or lie detector examination. These tests can be a source of tremendous anxiety, especially since it is all too common for innocent people to fail them for no reason, resulting in the denial of employment or false

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Your Anxiety Could Actually Be Making You More Intelligent (Video)

Ah, anxiety. It keeps us up at night, stops us from having a good time and makes a tiny problem feel like a huge deal. Basically, anxiety is the worst. Or is it? As this ‘TheScience of Us’ video points out, being an anxious person could actually make you smarter. Studies found people who are

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Here’s How My Dating Profile Would Read If I Were Being Completely Honest:

A funny thing happens when you begin exploring the online dating world: You become keenly aware of the commonalities among profiles and the time it takes to ‘properly’ craft a compelling profile. When I had an active profile, I could predict the photos (and accompanying text) on a user’s

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