A Practical Guide to Self-Hypnosis – Audio Book

By: Melvin Powers Published in 1961, A Practical Guide to Self-Hypnosis by Melvin Powers is a SELF HELP BOOK that aims to bring the basic techniques of hypnosis to the ordinary reader and harness its legendary powers to one’s own advantage. In fact, all forms of hypnosis are essentially

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Can Alter Brain Volume, Study Shows

Social anxiety disorder is one of the most common mental health problems, although a new study suggests that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) could help to alleviate symptoms by generating actual physiological changes in the brains of sufferers. Also known as social phobia, social anxiety

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Love Hormone Helps Prairie Voles Console Others In Distress

Consoling someone you know while theyre upset might seem like second nature to you, but how common is it in nature? Perhaps more so than we thought, as a new study has shown that the highly sociable prairie vole shows this empathy-based behavior when others are distressed. Like humans, it seems

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