I Felt Tiny Antique Furniture From Wool

I love arts and crafts, I used to paint, making stained glass, cross stitch, fresh and dried flowers arrangement and sewing. Needle felting is my recent passion, because I can create something magical from the fantasy world, and all those beautiful things out of imagination. They can be unreal

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This Photographer Will Annoy You And Leave You In Anxious Anticipation

For Kinfolk Magazine’s recent Adrenaline Issue, photographer Aaron Tilley and Director Kyle Bean were asked to recreate that awful moment when something terrible is just about to happen. The project emphasizes the curious relationship between what the mind perceives and how the body reacts. The

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Fat Cat Art: I Insert My Ginger Cat Into Famous Paintings

I met this extremely talented cat when I adopted him after my mother passed away. It was actually Zarathustra who saved me from the subsequent depression. My mom loved the cat so much, and I think that is why he developed such a sensitive personality. He decided himself to become a model and

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