Amy Poehler Gives Fantastic Makeup Advice

Amy Poehler may be best known for making people laugh, but the actress knows how to use her sense of humor to give real advice. As part of the Smart Girls YouTube channel, the ‘Ask Amy’ series features Poehler taking questions from teenage girls. In the premiere episode, Poehler delicately

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Gotye and Carly Rae Jepsen Collide for Epic Pomplamoose Mashup

If you heard an explosion over Pop Culture Land this afternoon, it was nothing that required a duck and cover under the desk – just a collision of two monster hit songs. Blame Pomplamoose for any chaos it may have caused. The poppy duo spliced, mixed, and blended Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used to

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This Video of Cats Slipping Down Slides Is Awww-Inducing

If you regularly spend more than 10 minutes on the Internet each day, you know that the Internet has a long-standing love affair with cats. Kitten pictures, videos, GIFs – we can’t get enough. Giggle with joy at the cutest clips of kittens crawling up and slipping down slides in this adorable

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